Ned Enterprises - Bridger Montana. GeoThermal Heating specialists. Montana and Wyoming.

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Ned Enterprises provides heating, ventilation and air-conditioning services. We use the most efficient equipment available and believe in new, up-to-date industry innovations with the highest quality installation.

GeoThermal Heating Specialists
We specialize in GeoThermal, or Ground Source Heat Pump, installation. We offer installation in new homes and retrofitting services to existing homes. GeoThermal "Pays you back". Add value to your home by installing a system that is built to last.

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Experience You Can Trust
We have been involved with the HVAC industry for over 40 years and enjoy working with homeowners and contractors to accommodate their needs in this industry.

What We Can Do For YOU
Ned Enterprises serves Montana and Northern Wyoming areas. Our team of experts can answer any question you may have. Customer Service is the name of our game, so don't hesitate to contact us.

State of MT Registered Contractor